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Roof Boxer Convertible Helmet

(Click on any image for a larger view)

Roof Helmet - Fully Open, Front View

Front - Fully Open

Roof Helmet - Visor Down, Front View

Front - Visor Down

Roof Helmet - Fully Closed, Front View

Front - Fully Closed

Roof Helmet - Fully Open, Side View

Side - Fully Open

Roof Helmet - Visor Down, Side View

Side - Visor Down

Roof Helmet - Fully Closed Side View

Side - Fully Closed

I picked up an interesting lid in the UK and have since bought an identical one for Dana. It's a Roof Boxer....made in France. Never seen one over this side of the pond (I don't think they are sold over here), but since they are approved by the Brits (BSA - British Safety Association approved), they are considered legal in Canada (and probably the USA as well). 

What is interesting about them is that they are a 3/4 lid....but it has a moveable chin bar that will rotate right to the back of the helmet (out of the way, unlike some other convertible rigs). Also has a decent visor as well. So for good weather conditions (when one has/wants to wear a lid), you rotate the chin bar back and raise the shield....voila. 3/4 lid. If you want more eye protection you can drop the visor. If the weather turns shitty (open face in the rain is not a lot of fun, having done thousands of miles that way) rotate the chin bar back to the front and you are wearing a full face. 

All in one lid. 

The problem Dana and I had was that on long x-country trips, you don't have room to pack multiple lids, and it's a pain dragging more than one regardless. So carrying a half or 3/4 lid for good days and a FF for bad days is not very doable. These Roof lids seem to be a reasonable compromise across all conditions. 

Since they resemble F-16 fighter pilot lids more than bike lids, they have some serious coolosity as well, given that they are not well known on this side of the pond (especially in flat black with an optional  iridium shield, like the one shown above). 

For those that are interested, here are a few URLs (the first one is the corporate site and as such is in French...try Babelfish on it):


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