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3nd Annual MITM Tattoo Competition

What a great turnout this year. We had 49 entrants and EVERYONE that entered won a category and received a great prize!  Many thanks to all the folks that entered the competition this year and even more thanks to those that donated prizes for this event.  We even had a special category for "Blanks" (those that through some lapse of judgement, do not yet have any ink!).  The judges this year included El Gato, Tiger Bob, Danamania, Lady Red and me (Andrzej). The award presentations were courtesy of the El Gato & Andreziggy show.  Thanks to Pat St. Jean for taking pics of all the tats (except his own)!

If this isn't incentive to get some new ink for next year's Tat Competition at MITM 2001, I don't know what is!

Please let me know if you know the prize donor's shown as ??? or if there are any corrections required in the following list:

Category Tattoo Description/Picture(s) Winner Prize(s)/Donor
Best Overall
Wizard and Dragon Calf Piece
Karen Wells
Leather HD Gloves / Maggie
Gentleman Jack / Gentleman Dave
Best Men's Large Dragonfly Backpiece Robert Duncan HD Light-up Hat / Nasty
Men's Runner-up Tribal's and Flowers (no picture yet) Pat St. Jean Brasil HD Tshirt / Sam
Mens's Honourable Mention HD Eagle & Feathers Chuck Taylor Barrie HD Men's Shirt / Barrie Harley-Davidson
Best Women's Lower back dragonfly Wendy Duncan Custom purple beaded necklace / Jeannie
Women's Runner-Up
Marvelous Mutts
Hand-made soap / Sharon Ruck
Hand-made earrings / Sparky
Women's Honourable Mention Fine Line Dragonfly on ankle Rena Barrie HD Ladies Shirt / Barrie Harley-Davidson

And the rest in no particular order...

Category Tattoo Description/Picture(s) Winner Prize(s)/Donor
Schmokin' Tattoo Mr. Lucky Paul Kickass Tshirt / Kickass Technologies
Nastiest Tattoo USMC Nasty Britain HD Decal / Kiwi Dave
Best Chest Rose Cindy O LSR Mug / Ray, LSR Team
Most Reluctant Contestant Smiley Cat RHSD Butterfield's Omaha HD Tshirt / Marshall
Best bug with Big Balls Buggie Ken Dykes Slug Tshirt / Tuber Dude
Most Stitched Pussy Here kitty Maggie Hand-made soap / Sharon Ruck
Most recently whelped with tattoos Bear claw petroglyph Joan Cole Tot Spot Chair / Yo Adrian!
Most Celestial Tattoo Sun/Moon J9 White HD Factory Tshirt / Kurt
Best Extinct Species Dino Lissa Hand-made soap / Sharon Ruck
Best Hand Job Rose Rhonda LSR Tshirt / Ray, LSR Team
Most Colourful No FearChest clouds Shawn 60's Rice Lake Wisconsin HD Tshirt / ???
Italian Stallion Award Italian and US Flags Dino Button denim Kickass Tshirt / Kickass Technologies
Least angelic biker with Most
angelic tattoo
Pappy's Tshirt / Mark & Joan Cole
Best Dead Rock Star Elvis Lives at MITM! Dave Hunt Fort Collings HD Tshirt / Dana & Andrzej
Cheesiest Tattoo
Arm band
(Mrs. Cheezie)
Hand-made soap / Sharon Ruck
Biggest "Oooops" Dragon with wife's name spelled wrong for 20 years Ol' Boy HD Freezie Mug / Tulsa Mike
Loudest, ugliest Shirt Ray/Tia Ray HD Factory Tshirt / Karl
Most Dedicated Biker XLH Bar and Shield Jeff Adams Socket wrench toolkit / Jean
Best Tits "American Made" Ironhorse Garlic-stuffed olives / Jon Morgan
Not afraid to show a man can cry Dream catcher Jon Morgan Mace / Mistress Wildflower
Most meaningful tattoo Life changes Skitch Barrie HD long sleeve shirt / Barrie Harley-Davidson
Best arms (judged by the ladies) Feathers DocGonzo Garlic-stuffed olives / Jon Morgan
Best couple portraits
Skiv: Portrait of Penny, Celtic forearm
Penny: Celtic wristband
Penny & Skiv
Cohiba cigar / Bill Becker
Custom biker photo / Ray Hale
Best animal chasing it's own tail Lizard armband Rick Long sleeve LSR shirt / Ray, LSR Team
Smallest Little Man award &
Best Sex with Little Man
Linda: Mount the Moon
Mike: Clown
Tulsa Linda &
Tulsa Mike
Jump up and Kiss Me hotsauce / Mistress Wildflower
Frog Jump tank top / Heidi
Best Heartburn Heart Leslie Disney HD Tshirt / Dana & Andrzej
Horniest Tattoo Bull skull Carl '99 Daytona B&B Tshirt / Kuda
Newest Tattoo (lest than 1 week) Tribal Sun Amanda Kokomo MoCo shirt / Karen & Celize
Best match to bike paint tattoo Taz Stacy Street Tough HD shirt / ???
Most original use of a scar
Mistress Wildflower $50 Gift Certificate / Life Itself Tattoos
Best Foliage Flowers & Vines Sue Barrie HD long sleeve Tshirt / Dana & Andrzej
Best Piece of Thigh Tree woman Riddler HD Sweatshirt / Barry
Fishiest Tattoo Charlie Tuna Tony D Chillicothe, Ohio HD shirt / Dan Blake
Best performance
Jason: Tribal
Dave D: Tribal calf piece
Britain HD Patches / Kiwi Dave
Live Flea or Die Tattoo
(aka; Fleadom)
Ride Free Eagle
Speed Bleeders / Kiwi Dave
Best Unfinished Tattoo "Born to Die" Skull & Roses Gimpy Britain HD Tshirt / Kiwi Dave
Best Military Tattoos USAF/USMC Bergeron Bros. Cigars / ???
"Hep Me!" (Aka: The Fly) Spider web Barry Joplin Missouri HD tshirt / ???
Oldest Bar & Shield
1971 Bar & Shield
Dragon balls / Yo Adrian!
Alaska HD bandana / Greg & Evelyn
Married to "Mr. Right" 14 Years
Doug Wright's Wife Kickass Hat / Kickass Technologies
Best Goddess Isis Red Butterfield's HD, Omaha / Marshall
Best "Blank" Pasty, fishbelly white, blank skin.... Ghost SPF 45 Sunscreen and a blank T-Shirt / ???
Enjoying the show Crowd All A great time / Jimmy

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