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Andrzej Sightings

Sightings is an extensive compendium of Harley riding pictures, videos, stories, rallies, trips, netscum sightings, and writings. 

Hot New Stuff: 

Posted instructions on how to Rewire Bagger Passing Lamps so they stay on with high beams
Updated the Honda S90 restoration page.
Photos from To Hell and Back 2005 posted in the Rallies section
(RMH: "Stupid Idea? (Highway bars)" thread) response now posted.
Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary Posters now available for sale online!
Pics of our new small toys are found here

Join the search for intelligent life on the the SETI@Home Harley Netscum group!

Eddie patches are still available!
Please support the cause and order your EK III Rides With Me patch(es) today.

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