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Digest Denizens & Other Assorted Netscum


Welcome to the most comprehensive Digest/RMH denizens image collection on the 'net...far from complete, but it's the best I got so far.

Here it is...all the famous and infamous netscum you might ever want to meet. If you don't like your picture or if you're not here...then I don't have a pic of you or don't have one good enough to scan (or you didn't buy me a beer!)......catch me on the road and I'll take a new pic for ya.

Click on any picture to see an enlarged version...

Unknown Netscum

#Unknown 3 from Buck 'n Gator/Sturgis '96


Unknown #6 - MITM '97


Unknown #21 - MITM '97


Unknown Netscum - due to one too many brews or the early onset of Alzheimers, I have no clue as to the names (or surnames) of these 'netters...please send me e-mail and let me know who these netscum are, and I'll label 'em and move 'em into the real list. If I forgot yer apologies...Thanks!


Main Denizens Index



ABC - Click here to see pictures

Michelle Alton Tusk (Mark Amos) Peanut (Kay Amos)
Judy Anderson Mike Allegretta    
Toad (Bob Bright) Vicky Brown & Steve Harper Jeff & Darrese Baker
Joe Bedford Steve Bramble Jerry Bragg & Colleen
Tiger Bob (Bush) Jackie Berry Gerri Bushkovski
Jerry Bradford Sasquatch (Michael Bellor ) Belinda
John Bevins Big JonB (Jon Bauer) Joe Brailsford
Magnum (Don Bouchard)
Conehead (Mark Cronenweth) Phil Coates Eric Chassignet
Matt Casserino Mark Cole Jim Combs
Steve Coates Maggi Czoty Paul Cook
Paul Caffero


DEF - Click here to see pictures

The Immodly (Ken Dykes) Sean Dougherty Dave DeCoster
Rush Dawson Julia Doyle    
Ed Eckert Republic of Chino (Dick Emrich) Donna E (Elford) and Crowdog
Jeff Fabrizio Michelle Fabrizio Barb Freeman
Rick (Richard France) Donnnie Frank Frank Fanto
Tom Freelove Becky Fenton Jim Fort


GHI - Click here to see pictures

Karen Wells-Gonzalez Celiz Gonzalez Bob Grieb
Jim Groh Lou Groh Ivan Gregory
Michael Golob Charles Goodman Sue Goodman
HotDog (Jerry Golyzniak)
Redbeard Emeritus (John Herrell) The Hardened Con (Connie Herrell) Charlie Hatcher
Archie Hargis Charlie Hokanson Terry & Joanne Hayden
Bob Harding Sandy Harding Eight Ball (Ray Hale)
Jack Houriet TTop (Ed Huske) Skiv (Chuck Hays)
Roundy (Todd Heiman)


JKL - Click here to see pictures

Cheezie (Jimmy Johnson) Gary Jinks Linda Jinks
The Captain (Kelley & David Johnson) Mike Jedlowski    
HD Ken (Kadish) Splinter (David Kroll) Cigar Aficionado (Steve Kokal)
Vinny Kane    
Willie LaLa (Will Lee) Scottie (Scott Lippold) Chuck Lanter
The Grouch (Will Laubengayer) Eve Laubengayer Cyberthug (Kevin Lee) & Mia Molin-Lee
Lucky(Richard Craig)


MNO - Click here to see pictures

The Mad'un (Steve Madden) 'Cuda (Vicki Menard) Mike Menard
Doug & Michelle Morse Allen McIvor Dan Michaels
Jon Marchant Chuck Mabrey Rotten (John Maples)
John Mitchell Ann Mitchell Walt Mozee
Magoo (Sue Marincak) Gloria & Rick Miller Dennis Murawski
El Gato (Scott) Butch Pam
Buell Boy Jean Model (Gil Nissley) Red (Judie Nelson)
FXRSJoan (Oswald) Fire Nazi (Tom Ohmer) Vo (Vera Osidach)


PQR - Click here to see pictures

Pooder (Don Fearn) & Judy Penny Powers Lady Jane (Pilsworth) & Matthew Trost
Inch (Eric Petrevich) Redbeard (Bob Pearson) Matt Pittelkow
Old Hacker (Charlie Powers) Bro-P (Mike Partlo) Putt
Larry & Jody Rudd Rockin Robin John Rogers
Denny Powers
David Ramsey Cowpoke (Rick Raske) Bob Ruth
Rainman (Raymond Everson) Ruckster (Sharon Ruck)


STU - Click here to see pictures

Andrzej Taramina Dana Taramina Danamania (again!)
Stroker Ray (Ray Safarik) Jenny Safarik Carrie Safarik
Don Surratt Karlette Schoen Tiger John (Smith)
John Stafford (West Coast) SeaJay (Chuck Seifert) Netta Seifert
Cereal Killer (Dan Sorenson) Jonathan Stephans Smilin' Jim (Simons)
SunShine Charlie Smith Fritz Schiemann
Tiger Lady (Kris Slawinski) Darryl Shimchick Scuz (Vince Sillman)
Heidi Star
TJ Steve Tuttle David Rich & Tipster (Vicki)
Thumper( Chris Jewell) Thumper's Humper/Topp (Todd Frankson) ES (Don Talbert)


VWXYZ - Click Here to see pictures

JW (John Willie) Wizard (Wes Williams) Barb Williams
Paul Wollenburg Wienie (Dave Warner) Paula Warner (MITM 96 Iron Butt)
Fringe Boy (Brian Walsh) Gina Woods (Open Road Radio) The Big Easy (Merrell Wasson)
Redneck from Chicago (Dale Willingham) Wolfpup Mrs. Wolfpup (Beverly Brewer-Irons)
Wallflower( Kathy Fetzer)


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